Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sorry I have been MIA...

I really am sorry about the lack of posts recently!  It is all due to the fact that I have had crafting/designing ADD recently.  I have started about 15 different projects that are all in various stages of completion...but since I haven't actually finished ANYTHING, I haven't really had a reason to post.  So I thought, I love to see what other Bloggers are working on, so I will do a post about projects you will see in upcoming posts...hopefully really soon!

First things first, I am actually fostering a puppy for the next 10 days while her current foster Mom goes to Burning Man for the next 10 days!  I actually really want to keep her, so hopefully this will all go well!  Here name is Queen Sophie Ann (Sophie for short) and she is a 5 1/2 month old Chihuahua mix.

Isn't she cute?  Her foster Mom works with a local rescue organization, A Leg Up Rescue. Doesn't she look like a little fox?


I meet her this weekend at a local dog beach in Albany, where I take my pups to go play in the water and sand. Here is a pic of Bowser chasing the current as it rolls back, and then running away in fear when it returns...haha...and he got some sea water in his mouth and he started to foam at the mouth, it looked like he was rabid!

chasing the water showing it who's boss...

and then running away in fear...

Isn't this picture cute?  He is actually smiling!

Ok, moving on...
So this is one of the projects that is started and not finished.  I bought this huge utensil sorter (?) from Ikea that I think will work great as a craft sorter.

It is the from the Rationell line...

So I took off all of the attachments on the back so that I could spray paint it and eventually Mod-Podge some decorative paper in each little section.  I am still playing with the idea of not putting all of the dividers back it when I am done...we'll see I guess...

Another project I am working on is refinishing these two cute sidetables I found at a local thriftstore.  I was thinking of using a gray primer and painting them a creamy white, but distressing them enough to see the gray peeking through.


sadly they have been in this state for quite awhile now...

next I have a lamp that I have finished for a client but I didn't take after pics on (I know...dumb).  But she is a friend of mine so next time I am at her house I will take some "after" shots.

The lamp actually has some really pretty lines...it was just looking a little "southwest" and outdated with its beige plaster and brass hardware.  So I painted the base a high-gloss teal and used high heat metallic silver spray paint on the hardware...it looks much better now!

And besides these projects I just have a bunch of smaller "little" projects.

This is a Craigslist find that will hopefully find a new home after it gets a makeover...

This is the hutch to a desk I am actually refinishing for my kitchen...

This silver plate is getting some new paint and a stencil to soon house my keys on my console table...

These candlesticks are getting some spray paint and a new life along with this cup...

And last but not least I am painting these frames black to hold some much needed artwork in my bedroom.

Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and stop abandoning projects half way through to take on a new one...I need to finish these projects up!  As in addition to what I have posted here, I have some client projects awaiting a transformation, three dressers that need paint and hardware and another nightstand!  I am going to be a busy little bee over the next month....whew!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dave Matthews Band Is Awesome!!!

So I am very sorry for my lack of posts recently...but I have been a very busy girl!  In additional to all of my decorating/painting projects, I have been working longer hours as I try to incorporate going to the gym everyday at lunch into my routine (yuck!).  But I did find some time to have some fun last night!  My amazing friend Sandy...
(see pic below)

had gotten tickets to see DMB at the Pavilion in Concord and she brought me!  And being the incredibly smart women that she is, she bought the VIP package which included front row parking (and a private entrance/exit so leaving the concert took less that 15 minutes!) and our own private bathroom and bar under the stage!  Now all of you ladies out there now how important it is to have a nice clean bathroom at your disposal (and the private bar was nice too!!!), and not have to use the gross porta-potties..ewww.

We had soooo much fun!  Here is a picture of the stage from our seats (which we didn't spend much time in):

we went up front with the other floor seat peeps pretty early in the concert, which left more room for dancing around!  But here is a pic of the stage with Dave playing from our seats...pretty close right?

But we moved up to be closer to the VIP lounge and Dave!  If you have never seen DMB in concert you really should.  I have seen him 6-7 times now, even though this was the first time seeing him in about 8 years...WOW time flies.  But they were just as great as I remembered them being.

Much better!  And our spot here allowed us to move around more.  Although the mean security lady told me I had to put my camera away as there was no cameras allowed!  I was a little shocked seeing I was using an iPhone, and so was everybody else around me...oh well...just gotta sneak my pictures in somewhere else!

So we got even closer!  At this point we were so close (even though it doesn't appear that way in my pic) that I could see all of the little expressions on Dave's face as he sings...it was great!

Sorry the pics came out so bad...my 3G iPhone doesn't take very good pictures...so I guess I will need to upgrade to the 4!  But here is the best shot that I got...enjoy...I know I did!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5th Annual Skifton Soiree - Hollywood Style

So I have been back in Wisconsin for the last week for the 5th annual Skifton soiree - a HUGE party my Dad and Stepmom put on each year at their house.  And this year's theme was........HOLLYWOOD!  The party was great and I just though I would post some pics showing the highlights...enjoy!

Here is the Popcorn stand as you were pulling up the driveway:

And the Hollywood sign my dad carved out,

The kids area in the back,

The pinata for the kids,


The "Hollywood Walk Of Fame" leading you through the backyard...

My sister posing with Edward and my dad with James Dean,


And here was the voting both and souvenir stand,


The party tables in the backyard,

And the cutouts for you to take your picture at,

This was probably my favorite area of the party...

And the coolest part of the party had to be the family redone movie posters!  Molly did a GREAT job on these!


She had photoshoped members of my family into some great movie posters!

My sister absolutely loved hers, in which she got to be in Edwards arms...

I hope you enjoyed the photos!