Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5th Annual Skifton Soiree - Hollywood Style

So I have been back in Wisconsin for the last week for the 5th annual Skifton soiree - a HUGE party my Dad and Stepmom put on each year at their house.  And this year's theme was........HOLLYWOOD!  The party was great and I just though I would post some pics showing the highlights...enjoy!

Here is the Popcorn stand as you were pulling up the driveway:

And the Hollywood sign my dad carved out,

The kids area in the back,

The pinata for the kids,


The "Hollywood Walk Of Fame" leading you through the backyard...

My sister posing with Edward and my dad with James Dean,


And here was the voting both and souvenir stand,


The party tables in the backyard,

And the cutouts for you to take your picture at,

This was probably my favorite area of the party...

And the coolest part of the party had to be the family redone movie posters!  Molly did a GREAT job on these!


She had photoshoped members of my family into some great movie posters!

My sister absolutely loved hers, in which she got to be in Edwards arms...

I hope you enjoyed the photos!


  1. I LOVE theme parties! You Dad and Step-Mom did a fantastic job. I would be one happy camper if I was your sister too ;)

    Thanks for sharing


  2. Cool,looks like you all had a great time.