Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thrift Store Shopping In Wisconsin

So I have been in Wisconsin for the past 5 days visiting my Dad, Molly & Maddy (my sis) for a family reunion.  While I was there I took my little sister to a few different thrift stores to find a project for us while I was there.  I didn't want to do a piece of furniture because they really didn't have a need for one, so I convinced my little sister that she needed a chalkboard for her room.  And while we were at the thrift stores I figured I might as well look around for things for me right?  so I bought all the stores out of everything they had in milk glass...apparently this is a sickness.  Not only did I end up with like 5 bowls, 4 compotes and 12 vases, I then had to ship out to California 5 bowls, 4 compotes and 12 vases!  Lucky for me all of the piece were like $1.00, so I could afford to do that.  I can't wait until they show up!  I will post some pictures soon of the mirror-turned-chalkboard for my sister soon...as soon as I get them from her!

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