Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coming Soon...

So I am having a Halloween party on Saturday, and prepping my house for this party has kept me VERY busy!  I invited EVERY SINGLE person that I work with...and I work in an office of 50 so people...and that is not to mention my friends.  Sooooo, I have been one busy lady! 

I just wanted to share some pics I took on my phone to show you what I have been up to, but I will post some additional pics and instructions on what I did later.  I hope you enjoy!

These are the invites that I gave out.  I had my friend Liz do the calligraphy for me, and I made all of those little plaster fingers.  I first bought a mold making kit to mold my own finger...but that was just a WASTE of I broke down and bought a candy making mold to make the casts from...

As you can see I painted some of the finger nails and some I left unpainted.  And I tied a little double-sided satin around the index finger to keep in line with my "don't forget" theme...

I bought 5" x 3" x 2" mailing boxes that I assembled, filled them with a mixture of Spanish mosses and laid the finger on top.  For the spiderweb background I simply printed the graphic on some vellum and I printed the actually invite portion on Stardream Opal paper from Paper-Source.

I will post a picture of how I packaged them a little later!

And here are just a couple pics of some of the decorations I have so far done in the house...more of these to come as well!

And what I am sure will be the highlight of the evening...THE BAR!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Madeline's Pumpkin

I wanted to share with all of you the pumpkin my Dad carved for my sister last is AMAZING!

So since most of you don't know what my sister looks like, here are a few pics of her:

Isn't the pumpkin a great likeness?  Anyways...just thought I would share!  And I promise I will post pics soon of all of the Halloween related things I have been working on that have kept me so busy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Have You Ever Heard of Bear Hill Interiors Before?

So I just discovered an interior design team called Bear Hill Interiors.  While I don't plan on hiring somebody to design any rooms for me in the near future, their work is truly inspirational.  While I have never actually had a post where I simply post pictures of somebody else's work before, I think you will all appreciate how design-crush-worthy their work is.

The first picture that drew my attention is this amazing foyer.  I just love the picture railing and the crown moulding, which really stands out against the wallpapered ceiling.  This fairly small room looks so much bigger and inviting don't you think?

The next image that caught my eye was this living room.  I just love how a huge rectangular room becomes a very inviting family area by creating a few different seating areas.  I love the easy comfort that it all has (if that description makes any sense) and that it just all seems to work without trying to hard.

The next image is simple but inspiring.  I think that using a simple white parsons desk as a nightstand in a guest bedroom, would be a terrific use of space for those of us who have limited space and want both!  I just love how it works, simply by being the same height as the other "nightstand."

While the warmer colors are not necessarily my thing, I just love this dining room buffet artwork display.  Everything looks so crisp and clean, yet it also looks warm and inviting.

Next up is this great pinkish bedroom.  Many of you might know that pink is my favorite color, but I love this room for so many other reasons!  I LOVE the disco ball hanging down in lieu of a chandelier, I love the classic Louis chair covered in what looks like patent leather, I love the very feminine patterned wallpaper that complements that beautiful draped headboard, and the zebra stripped rug that should clash, yet seems to tie it all in.  Such a great girl's room!

Now these kitchens really speak for themselves, but I just absolutely adore them both!

And last up from Bear Hill is a dreamy bathroom.  I just love the wallpapered ceiling!  And if somebody had told me a year ago that I would REALLY be loving wallpapered ceilings now, I would have laughed at them.

And my last picture is not from Bear Hill, but isn't this bathroom to DIE FOR!  I have never though of putting a bathtub INSIDE of the shower, but this combination is genius!  I can't image designing the bathroom of my dreams now and it not including a combo just like this!  What do you think?  Are your a tub-in-the-shower convert now too?

 I hope you liked my post of my inspirations!