Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kitty Grass - Milk Glass Planter

So I have a terrible knack for buying beautiful flowers and foliage for my home...and then precede to kill it off quickly.  Lately I have kept some herbs alive in my kitchen, and some potted trees in my living room.  the problem that I have been having lately is that even if I am able to keep these plants alive, my cats have been eating the leaves and then preceding to vomit all over my house...lovely right?  So I have bought kitty-grass in the past, but neither of my cats would touch it...they would still eat the houseplant, just not the plant I bought specifically for them to eat...go figure?!?

A week or so ago, maybe two, I tried buying some more kitty grass and they both seemed to like it better.  My male cat has been eating from it frequently, but my female cat will only eat from it if I don't have fresh flowers cut and placed on my console...because if there are roses available for her to eat...she apparently prefers those!  So my dresser/buffet has recently looked like this:

And while the pink flowered saucer under the kitty grass is cute...it isn't really the look I am going for.  Now I found this really cute compote this weekend while thrift store shopping and it seems like it will be a good fit...and it was only $4.00!!!

Isn't the grape leaves pattern adorable???

And so I tried sitting the kitty grass container directly in the compote to gage how much potting soil I would need...and it fit perfectly...really...like a glove! (I can't believed I just typed "like a glove" haha...what a lame saying...and the funniest part is as I type it I can just hear Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura character saying it)!

so I threw in a little potting soil and some herb fertilizer and voila.  An adorable little kitty grass - milk glass planter for the kitties!

And even the buffet looks better now!

Want to know the real kicker though???  Ever since I potted the kitty grass, I haven't seen the little buggers eat from it once!!!  Although I have yelled at Buddy (my male) three times to stop eating from the Madagascar dragon tree, and Princess (my female) twice for eating the roses.  No vomit yet...so hopefully they are just not eating it in front of me...only time will tell I guess.  Picky damn animals!!!

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