Monday, July 26, 2010

A Few Things To Come...

I haven't had a lot of time to blog recently but I have been working on a few different projects.  A few of them for about a month now!  So I thought I just might do a quick posting covering some of my current projects.

The first project is also the oldest.  I saw an add on craigslist awhile back listing a bunch of frames for $25.00.  This is the picture that was posted in the craigslist ad:

I saw a couple that I liked and so I figured it was worth to just buy the whole lot.  When I showed up at the lady's house, she had 4 Trader Joe's bags stuffed full of frames...there must have been 25 frames.  So I picked out my favorites and started spray painting them.

And then I laid them out on my floor to figure out the composition I wanted for the wall...

Now all I have left is to put some artwork in them!  Hence the delay...

The next project I have been working on (or at least have done some work on) is a refinishing project for two antique side tables. 

I picked these up at the thrift store for $15.00 a piece and so far have only sanded and primed one of them.  I think this is going to be the first project in which I paint them and them immediately "rough" them up...I am a little scared...but wish me luck!


 Don't they have such cute detailing???

And the last project for this post is a little antique sewing box I picked up at the consignment store around the block from where I work.  I am thinking about it as a place to keep my dogs food...but it might also become home to all of the remotes that float around my house.


It has a really cute little ledge inside probably for knitting needles...but I thought it might be the perfect place to store a piece of chalk.  Then I could put a little chalkboard paint on the doors so I can label what is inside...because who out there doesn't love to label things???

So the first night I got it I happen to be babysitting Miss of course I put her to work sanding it for me!  I mean she has to earn her keep somehow right???

I hope you have enjoyed my little rendition of "things to come...."



  1. have to love a good craigslist find! all of the projects look like fun ~ can't wait to see final pics :)

  2. hello darlin. i did find Stephanie's blog through yours! your kitchen looks so great with the frames and art.

    and, the frame collection you got from craigslist... jealous!!!

    following you and loving it! :)

    thanks for your comment.