Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Version of a Glazing Tutorial

*WARNING* There are a LOT of pics in this post...FYI.

So admittedly I have never glazed before…or distressed anything that I have just painted (that is still to come). But I wanted to make the artwork that I was going to hang in my kitchen look a little older and not so much like it just got spray painted…which it did. So I have read in other peoples blogs that you can create a glaze by simply adding water to acrylic or latex paint. And since I have plenty of that lying around…I did just that. I started with these supplies…

…to get this.

But it turned out a little more blue than black like I was envisioning…but I thought I would try it out and see how I liked it anyways. This was the look I was trying to achieve…or match/complement anyway.

So I started by dipping my little foamy guy in the “glaze” and then pushing it up against the side of the container to get most of the liquid out. Since it turned out to be the consistency of water…I didn’t want the glaze to drip all over (which it did anyways).

Then I just dabbed it all along the detailing that I wanted to antique.


Then I just rubbed it down with a lightly damp sponge (again, not to wet because I already had enough dripping), and really focused on getting the dark paint spots off so that it appeared more glazey (yeah yeah not a word I know). And I ended up with it looking like this. Now it looks good, but still a little too blue for me.

So I added this and this…

To get this…

And I did a second round. I did it on both the smaller frame and my chalkboard frame so they would match the first frame that inspired me.

And this time I wiped it down with an almost completely dry papertowel..

And I was happy with this look.  So then I tried the same formula again with the larger chalkboard frame that I was also working on...since these three are going to be grouped together in my kitchen I wanted them to match each other.

So I ended up with a little bit of a mess...but nothing too bad.

 And so here they are...all together.  Don't they look cute together? 

It really made my kitchen look better to go from this to this!



  1. That is so fun! I really like how those frames all go together. Lol at "If you can't take the heat"

  2. I think the frames look great, yea they don't look spraypainty I know I know it's not a word.
    No really they look really great in the kitchen good job!

  3. Hi Rachel, check out my latest post, I gave you an award!