Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Little Artwork For My Bare Bare Walls

So admittedly I have spent a lot of time painting my walls and picking out furniture, but I have spent absolutely no time actually hanging artwork on my walls.  So this weekend I though I would get around to actually finishing a project, and I simply added some cute Snow & Graham paper that I got from Paper-Source awhile back into a few frames I had lying around.  Here is the poor wall before the addition of the artwork:

I started by pulling out three frames of similar size and color (I say color because I didn't want to have to do any I said earlier...I wanted this to be a quick project that I WOULD FINISH this weekend).  I still had these three frames left over from the $25.00 craigslist grab-bag of frames that I purchased.

These were all 4x6 frames and they were all of similar frame shape & size.  I also liked that they were all wood and a nice dark color, as I was going to hang them on a dark chocolate brown wall.

So I cut out the shapes I needed for framing from the paper,

And I added it to the frames...

Super simple, inexpensive, and most importantly (for this project) FAST!!!

 Doesn't it look great!  A nice desperately needed pop of color!

It was very nice to go from this!!!

And the total cost was less than $5.00...for the paper and the frames!

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