Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Am In Love With A Font...

And his name is "Feel Script!"  I have been lusting after this font after seeing it on a few different Blogs...especially this one:

Nuestra Vida Dulce

After seeing this font I knew I need to find out what it was and get it!!!  So I started doing some research to find out what it was called and I wasn't having any luck.  And then I saw it spring up here:


And here:


In fact, these three blogs gave me total design envy...and inspired me to commission the amazing Torri of Digital Confections to design my website.  So I sent Torri on the search to find the font as well...but both of us were unsuccessful.  So I settled on the font that you currently see on my website (which I like A LOT), but it just wasn't "the one!"  And I know that all of you out there KNOW EXACTLY what I mean by that!

But yesterday I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!  The font is designed by none other than Alejandro Paul and it can be purchased on Veer!  After reading a little more about the font I see that "Feel Script has more than 1200 glyphs including: stylistic alternates, contextual alternates, titling alternates, swashes, and ligatures." -- isn't that amazing?!?  So on Monday morning when I get paid...this will be the first thing that I purchase!

If you are obsessed with fonts the way that I am, I am sure you will be compelled to do the same after seeing some of their promotional material...

Now I just wish the font didn't carry a $99.00 price tag!!!


  1. definitely in LOVE with feel script!! it'll look great!

  2. love it... why are fonts sooo expensive sometimes! sheesh

  3. wow, $99 for FONT. what a word, what a world :P


  4. That font is awesome! But I am WAY too cheap to pay $100 for it. If only I had the talent to create my own :(

  5. yes the font is awesome I covet it also