Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun!!!

Here are some pics of my Halloween party on Saturday...the bar and food table came out really good!

I spent a lot of time on the bar...making labels for all of the alcohol and tonic water bottles and buying cute cups.  The large skull bucket I used for holding the 30 gallons of blood punch I made, and it worked out great with a 7 lbs block of dry ice to keep it cold and fogging...

And here are some close ups of the bar.  I really wanted to create some height and depth to the bar, so I went to a local thrift store and spent a few dollars buying some old books...which really gave the bar a nice old feel to it!

 I got these straws and the cup from the dollar store...and the drinkers all seemed to really appreciate them!

I used these labels from Somewhere Splendid only I didn't use them on favor bottles...I used them for tonic water for the "non drinkers" to make there own sparkling beverage... 

 And these are some labels I got from Martha Stewart that I tea stained and applied with a little spray adhesive.  These were some more of the the toxic tonic mixing potions for all of the non-drinkers...

And I also spent a bit of time working on the food table...I was really pleased with how it turned out!  This is a picture of it all laid out before I got any of the food actually made and set out...

And here it is in all of its food glory!!!

The "congealed blood" label for the ketchup was one of my favorite labels...it just came out so good!

I have a white couch and so I wanted to protect it from me and the rest of the drunks at my party, so I decided that covering my furniture in white sheets would be a nice way to protect the couch AND add a creepy effect to my house for the party...so I ran to Target and picked up a $9.99 set of their Twin XL sheet set & a $19.99 Queen sheet set on my lunch break on Friday.  It was TOTALLY worth the $30 when I saw how dirty the sheets were on Sunday morning!  Plus I can keep using them every year I throw a Halloween party to protect my poor white furniture!

And man do I love cheese cloth!  It really is the best Halloween decoration out there!  I added it to the tops of all of my lamps, tables, candles, flowers, you name it and I probably covered it up with some cheese cloth for Halloween!  Although I wasn't able to find any black cheesecloth out there like some other Bloggers have shown...

And here are some pics of my mantel decorations.  Sorry about the TV being on...but I was NOT about to turn off the world series just to get some pics of my decorations...haha...

I got the letters for the Halloween banner from Jenny at All Sorts. It was as simple as printing on some Superfine Softwhite Cardstock from Paper Source on my work printer!  Shhh....don't tell my boss...haha!


And for what you have really been waiting for...THE COSTUMES!  I will start with my lovely boss Mychele and her husband Dave...they are such a groovy couple...hahahaha...I crack myself up!

And another one of my bosses is dressed up as Ariel.  And here husband is dressed up as a cross of Price Eric and the Situation...haha...typical boy just trying to take his top off all night!!! (sorry about their creepy eyes...stupid camera phone!)

Miss Sandy Pants the Pirate and her friend Julie the Pimp!

Lori the Witch, Lorna the Referee, Lili as Cruella Deville, and Michelle the Hippie...

And here is Lori, myself and Sandy!

  My friend Rob as Michael Knight from Knight Rider, my pup Bowser dressed up in a costume I made him as KITT from Knight Rider, and me the sailor!  I also had my little girl dress up as a yellow submarine to coordinate with my costume...but apparently I am a bad pet mommy since I didn't get a picture of her!!!

As you can see Bowser is just LLOOOOVVVVVINNNNGGGG that costume...haha....

And while you can't really tell from this photo, my dress was SUPER SHORT!  Like so short that I got a little petticoat to go underneath it so it would cover up my buthigh (you know the part that isn't quite your butt and not quite your thigh)...so I wore a different costume to work on Friday...

I was Amelia Earhart!

Tanya made the best dork...no surprise that she won the costume contest!!!

And the Amelia costume was pretty easy and cheap to come up with.  I had everything except for the goggles and hat.  But I was able to buy Harry Potter quiddich(?) goggles for really cheap on Amazon, and get a fur lined pilots cap as well.  All in all...easy costume that was pretty comfortable!

I hope you enjoyed my super-longgggggggggggg Halloween post!


  1. Oh Wow! What a hostess. Great job on the party decor...and the costumes!

  2. wow
    looks like a great halloween-party! :)