Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From Halloweens Past...

As I was organizing all of the Halloween pictures from my phone today I came across some pictures of Halloweens from the past few years...so I thought I would share.  I hope you enjoy!

So last year at work I dressed up like Pippi Longstockings complete with floral wire in my hair.  I threw together the costume at the last minute with some stuff I picked up at Goodwill...

And then I changed into a "Roman Gladiator" costume for a CD release party that I went to for my friends band, Vitamin Party!

Last year at work we had a pumpkin carving contest...HOWEVER, we only got 20 minutes, we had to use those thick Styrofoam artificial pumpkins and we didn't get anything to carve them with except the knives that we in our kitchen.  So I decided to print off a Martha Stewart template of a Chihuahua!

I didn't win...but I think mine was the best...haha!

And this is from my Halloween party a few years back...me and the Paper-Source crew!

And this is from Halloween 2006...WOW that seems like a long time ago!  I went as Tinkerbell and the highlight of my costume was the little slippers I made!

I bought white ballet slippers and then dyed them green, and added little sparkly white pom-pons to the slippers to make them more fairy like.

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