Friday, September 24, 2010

My New Blog Design...Well For Now

So I am sure that you have all noticed that I have a new blog design...isn't it cute?  I have wanted a new design for awhile now (since I was just using a template that Blogger provided) and I stumbled across this post on Torri's blog Digital Confections.  For those of you who don't know Torri, she is a very talented graphic design artist and the sister of Holly from Life in the Fun Lane.  Man...talent just runs rampant in that family! 

Ok...back to my story.  Torri recently purchased some fabric from her local Ikea and was inspired:
I mean I understand the this is drool worthy fabric!  And for those of you who don't know me that well...I am obsessed with the color pink (hence the blog name) and bunnies!  I even named my adorable little puppy Bunny and force her to dress up like a little pink bunny all the time!  So this fabric was definitely right up my alley.

And just to give you a little idea of what I am talking are some pics of little Miss Bunny B!
Her in her bed with her little bunny baby...

and with her pink bunny humping "friend" and dressed up in her little Bunny dress.

Ok back to Torri and her amazing design skills and her blog design.  So I was reading her blog last Friday and I saw her post where she was offering this template for free:

And I thought it was perfect...for now.  I instantly contacted Torri and asked for the template which she customized for me, and talked with her about creating a custom design for me.  I would like an amazing header and a blog button, and I want to be able to help personalize other parts of the template to my liking.  So Torri and I are now working on my new totally custom blog design...more on that to come.

So what do you guys think?  and if you have never checked out Torri's blog before you should head over there...again is Digital Confections and here logo and link our also at the bottom of my blog.


  1. looks great ~ only thing... the yellow is kind of hard to read on your links.

    ps. your pup is a doll!!