Friday, June 25, 2010

Refinishing My Grandparent's Dresser

I wanted to share my grandparent's dresser makeover that I just finished. It started like this:

(sorry about the HORRIBLE before shot)...

Then it got some primer lover...

Yeah...that is little Miss Bunny Bear in the corner of my shot...

Then I slapped some leftover paint I had lying around the house from painting an accent wall in the living room on it...and I ended up with this! I think it turned out great.

it is hard to tell from these shots, but the color is really more of an aqua/teal blue.

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  1. I'm too afraid to paint our furniture (not to mention the fact that it's all inherited family stuff and my husband wouldn't let me anyway!) , but that dresser looks beautiful! LOVE what you have done to it!