Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The "Matching" Pink Nightstand

So I don't really have a great "before" picture, but this was the picture shown on Craig's List that made me think "hmmmmm, this looks an awful lot like the nightstand I just refinished...I could have a 'matching' pair!"

so I started sanding off just the really deep scratches with a sander using 80 grit sandpaper...
and I removed the old hardware and sanded it as well, then filled in the holes with wood putty, as I was planning on using a 3" pull from Anthro...

so here it is all puttied and primed...

I used Kilz odor blocking spray primer on the whole nightstand after cleaning it thoroughly

and I really should have used one of the multitude of tarps I had lying around instead of painting directly on the cement...but awwwwwhhhhhh, the joys of renting! But poor grass...

I applied the first coat of paint with a sponge roller and ignored all of the cracks and crevices that still needed to be filled in until my second coat

and again...more paint on the cement...oops!

On the second coat I filled in all the crevices, but didn't really get the feet until the third coat, when I finally got out a tarp (I figured I could be a little nice to the cement)

and so I finished up the painting and moved on to the next step which is adding 2-3 coats of  Verathane brand water-based sealant ( I got this tip from Holly's amazing blog!)

so here if the shelf insert drying in my kitchen...upside down on a fruit bowl (and yes, that is a Hello Kitty toaster in the background)

and this is the final product drying...now for drilling the new holes in the drawer for my cute ceramic pull from Anthropologie 
and tada....look how pretty and shiny...I just love it!


and yes, that is the Lord of the Rings trilogy book...because why wouldn't that be on one of my nightstands!!! 

Doesn't it look nice?  I feel like my bedroom looks balanced now! 


  1. Oh, I love the pop of color against the bed and those lamps are perfect on them. You made some bold choices and it really paid off!

  2. it looks awesome! i love the modern glossier finish you gave it and it looks perfect with your bedding! love your awesome pintuck pillow, too! hopped over from fresh coat friday.

  3. i love those bright nightstands & your gorgeous gray bedding. i don't think my hubby will let me have it but i want 'em!!

  4. So adorable! Thanks for linking up on Vintage Suitcase Friday!

  5. The pop of color is perfect. I love the sweet nightstand painted all wild. I love how the two tables aren't the same but look similar. So cute.

  6. Great job! It's so perfect when you can take something of your Grandmas and make it a part of your life. I love your lamps as well. You have such a unique bedroom!