Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not So Silent Night 2010

For those of you that do not live in the Bay Area, every year a local radio station (Live 105) puts on a concert.  This year I went with my bestie Sandy and my manfriend Rob.  I wasn't as super excited to go as my counterparts...but I really enjoyed myself...and the fried foods and beer I consumed prior (and during) the show!  And like any show where Sandy buys the tickets...we had GREAT seats.

The line-up consisted of a local band I don't know the name of (who was pretty good), Broken Bells, The Black Keys, Phoenix, My Chemical Romance & The Smashing Pumpkins.  I didn't really know any of these bands well, but I found that when they started playing, I knew quite a few songs from every band!

The three of us started the evening by walking over to a local bar in San Jose called the Britannia Arms Pub.  It was a cute little place that is British themed, with cold beer, tasty deep fried foods and horrendous service!  But all in all we enjoyed ourselves...especially me!

Once we got to the venue we had some poor guy take some pictures of us after we attempted to do one ourselves...yeah...didn't quite work out!

but even with a third-party taking the photos...look how crazy Rob's eyes came is like he has laser beams for funny!

Anyways, we all had a blast and here are some shots of the show...enjoy!

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